About Adygraph

Printing plates for embossing and debossing at a quality you will not find elsewhere – 
that is Adygraph!      

For over 40 years, Adygraph has been producing a variety of metal plates for embossing and debossing, and providing its services to hundreds of printing houses, producers, publishers, graphics designers and more - both in Israel and abroad.

Adygraph offers you a perfect combination of skilled, experienced personnel, as well as the most up-to-date equipment on the market. Our professional staff members specialize in graphics design, and continually supplement their education in some of the most renown centers in the world.  The plates are produced with our trademark speed and professionalism, using our cutting-edge equipment and with a deep commitment to offering each customer an end-product of the highest quality.

Our creativity, experience, and the many professional ties we at Adygraph have cultivated over the years, enable us to offer a perfect solution to all your embossing and debossing needs.